Open call for works in progress (of research and creation) in Peformative Arts, from Argentina and abroad.

Transnational Creation in Residency | Arqueologias del Futuro IV
ARQUEOLOGÍAS DEL FUTURO _ Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea, Performance y Conocimiento (International Contemporary Dance, Performance & Knowledge Festival), invites artists with works in progress of research and creation to apply for the Trasnational Creation in Residency programme that will take place in Buenos Aires, from August 24th to September 8th 2017, in the IV Edition of the Festival.
The Trasnational Creation in Residency programme is the result of several processes of displacement, travels and translations, a political movement of dialog and understandment. The programme is part of the space created by AF that seeks to foster research, circulation and actualization of Performative Arts.

We will prioritize projects that move and let themselves be moved by one of the questions that trasverse AF this year: How can art produce ways of living in the different contexts it creates, proposing other possibilites of choreographing reality?

More than looking for answers, the proposal attempts to opening desires and thoughts while we make ourselves questions, to observing how an artistic proposal can, instead of reflecting society, be prepositive of possible worlds: exploring their potentials so to activate forces that put in doubt ethical and esthetical dominant regimes.

It is important to underline that this questions-provocations are not a thematic frame for the residencies but reflections that go around them and across.

We want to encourage projects that run risks and experience ways and procedures of doing that cross the boundaries of their disciplines. From this perspective, we are open to receiving processes that are oriented to diverse formats (performance, installation, video, etc), as long as they develop questions regarding the body, movement and/or choreography.

We will value processes that consider research as a fundamental part of creation, that have enough openness to generate dialogs and experience protocols of exchange and critical thinking, being able to amplify themselves in the exercise of feedback with other artists participants of the residency programme, as with the different audiences that take part in AF.

The program consist on going through and intensive research and practice process on the frame of Arqueologías del Futuro_edición IV.

This will be organized in different work stages:

Studio work
Exchange work with artists in residency, in a temporal community that will be created through the feedback laboratory that will be articulated by Idoia Zabaleta (Basque Country) and Luciana Chieregati (Brazil).
Opening of the residency process to be defined by each project, inside the AF2017 contexts.

- Studio
Projects from abroad: 12 days of work of 6 daily hours. 72 hours in total.
Projects from inside the country : 3 intensive weeks of work, distributed from july to september. 6 ongoing days in july and august, 4 daily hours, and in september to be coordinated with all the activities of the Festival.

- Food
During the two weeks of work for artists from abroad, up to three members per project.
During the week of the festival for national artists.

- Hosting
During the two weeks of work for artists from abroad, up to three members per project.

- Stipend
$3500 ARS for artists from abroad.
$2500 ARS for national artists.

- Feedback sessions along the residency process, that will be articulated by Idoia Zabaleta (Basque Country) and Luciana Chieregati (Brazil).

- Presentation of the project to the rest of the residency artists and/or audience.

- Dialog with Cataratas de Escritura / CAT, transdisciplinary team that traverses and joins AF through writing practices.

- Opening of the residency process to public with free entrance.
- Promotion and general communication of the project and the opening.
- Production team with availability on all of the stages.
- Access to the structures of the festival as an opportunity to produce specific activities and experiences in relation to the specificity of the project.

- Free access to AF IV workshops according to availability.
- Free access to performances AF IV.

- Video registration of the work.

- Collaboration on the managing of tickets and traveling to get to Buenos Aires from cities of origin.

> AGREEMENTS for participating artists.

Availability to reside in Buenos Aires during the entire residency programme.
Active participation in the feedback group session.
Production of an open activity to the audience in format and date to be arranged, during the week of AF (1st to 8th of September 2017).
Artist that apply will be co-managers of there projects, seeking for funds for transport from their cities of origin, since tickets are not covered on the present call.


The residency process for artists from abroad will develop in Buenos Aires from the 24th of August to the 8th of September 2017.
The residency process for national artists will develop in 3 intensive weeks of work, distributed along july and september.
This open call will close at 11.59 pm the 3rd of June 2017.

Any artist (of diverse disciplines) interested in processes of feedback and research in performative arts, who´s projects take the movement language and the body as a medium.
It is open to individual artists as well as groups of national artist, residents in Argentina or abroad.
Individual and group projects will be considered. In the case of projects from abroad, we are able to contemplate up to three members per group.
There will be two national projects selected and to from abroad. Four projects in total.

The selection process will made by a international committee integrated by artist Luciana Chieregati (Brasil / Basque Country - Coletivo Qualquer), Vera Garat (Uruguay - PAR) y Alina Ruiz Folini (Argentina - Arqueologías del Futuro)

Results will be announced on the 12th of june of 2017.

Prepare the following information to complete the online form:

1. Name some of the questions and discursive materialities that you are interested in developing during the residency. (Up to 1000 characters)

2. ¿What is the actual state of your project? According to this, ¿how would you use the resources provided by Arqueologias del Futuro to develop and empower it? (Up to 1000 characters)

3. Describe your project briefly. (Up to 2000 characters)

4. Describe your work plan.

5. Develop a proposal or activity to open to the public (it may or may not be the realization of a performance).

6. Name institutions that support this work, if there is any.

7. Brief CV of the artists or group.

8. Previous work online.

Arqueologías del Futuro IV counts with the support of Iberescena & PICE.
This project is considered of cultural interest for the Regimen de Mecenazgo of Buenos Aires City.